Cortiical attends DHL safety week

DHL meets VR

DHL, the worlds leading logistics company were eager to explore the uses of Virtual Reality at their Auckland gateway freight hub. Always looking to improve their peoples health, safety and wellbeing DHL engaged Cortiical to host a two-day VR discovery & learning workshop focused on teaching manual handling safety to their people.

Part 1. of the VR manual handling training module sees employees study the Hierarchy of Control system and understand how to implement measures from it to improve a worksite in action. Teaching learners about correct technique, positioning and necessary equipment to safely lift, transport and load heavy inventory.

Part 2. sees employees move around in the virtual warehouse, identifying and recording various hazards they found and then provide recommendations of how to fix them. Learner scores were recorded so they could immediately see their results at the end of the experience, allowing management, and more importantly themselves, to identify areas that they need to improve in.

Throughout the 2 days:

  • Over 82 DHL staff went through the module

  • 94% positive feedback rating

  • Had an average score 70%, with numerous receiving 100% scores

One thing that stood out to DHL Senior HR Business Partner Maree Lane was how enthusiastic and engaged she saw people during their VR training session "Exciting technology and a powerful learning tool!" A great example of gaining efficiency and engagement saw over 80 DHL staff across two days learn, absorb, retain and takeaway key manual handling techniques to keep themselves safe and healthy. Innovative and forward thinking organisations like DHL are turning to technologies like virtual reality to better serve and engage their people.

A fantastic two days of discovering, learning and having fun with the DHL team, thanks for having us!

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