Top 5 VR Headsets for Enterprise

When it comes to choosing the right VR headset to train your staff, there are a number of options to consider between price, features and quality etc. Read below as we discuss the pros and cons of what we believe are the top 5 VR headsets for business in 2022.

5. Valve Index

Video game giant Valve released their "Index" headset in 2019. Whilst gaming was their obvious target market, it is perfectly capable in a business setting also. It may have a longer setup time than some of the other headsets on this list due to its "base stations" but the end result is near top of class tracking. It may not be wireless, but that also removes the issue of charging the headset, so it is dependent on what your company values more. The highest FOV (which many consider more important than resolution) on the market alongside the superior tracking do not come cheap though, with the Index clocking in at a whopping $NZ2,199 for the full kit. It is also worth noting it has the lowest screen resolution on this list, so if details/clarity are crucial to your training curriculum, it may be best to look elsewhere.



Unique "knuckle" controllers

High Pricetag:

NZ$1,799 (Headset and controllers)

NZ$2,199 (Full set including headset, controllers and base station)

Industry leading FOV (130 degrees)

Not wireless

Lowest resolution display (2880x1600px)

Requires PC to tether to

4. HP Reverb G2

U.S. brand HP also has a VR headset that lends itself to the commercial market. They call it the Reverb G2. It is wired and does require a PC to use which means it is not as practical or portable as some of the other options, but for the price, the screen resolution and FOV are excellent. If clarity is your most weighted factor, then this headset may be a good option for you, as it is still cheaper than other options on this list. Online reviews say that it is not as comfortable as other headsets on the market, so if you plan on training for extended periods of time, this could be something to consider.



High Resolution Display (4320x2160px 4K)

Not Wireless

Built in headphones

Occasional tracking issues

Great FOV (114 degrees)

Requires PC to tether to

High Pricetag: NZ$1,189

3. HTC Vive Pro 2

htc vive pro 2 virtual reality headsetThe most premium headset on this list, but also priced at a premium, meet the Vive Pro 2. Similar to the Valve Index, this headset features "base stations" to provide excellent immersion and tracking, but these increase setup time and add to the total cost, with a price tag that will burn a hole in your wallet - NZ$2,399. It comes wired, but if you purchase the full kit you can add a wireless adapter and remove the cord. Due to its price tag, it may be inaccessible to smaller businesses, but if you can overcome the initial costs, you will find it difficult to find a better option than this.



Highest resolution display (4896x2448px 5K)

Highest Pricetag:

NZ$1,449 (Headset only)

NZ$2,399 (Full set including controllers, base station and wireless adapter)

Option for wired/wireless after purchase of adapter

Adapter required for Wireless

Built in headphones

Uses old HTC Vive controllers

Requires PC to tether to (when wired)

2. Oculus Quest 2

oculus quest 2 virtual reality headsetIf you are new to the VR scene, it is likely that if you've only heard of one headset before, its the Quest 2. Selling over 8.7 million units in 2021, it is by far the most popular VR headset currently, dominating the market share in the consumer sector. One of the main reasons that it leads the market in units sold is its low entry barrier, with prices starting at NZ$569 - making it the cheapest option on the list by some margin. It does skimp on some features such as quality and FOV compared to others on this list, but you are paying for what you get. One of the main drawbacks for us is the need to have a Facebook account to simply use the headset, however this is being removed in 2023. Bar that inconvenience, the Quest 2 is a very capable headset that provides a more than adequate experience for business training.



Portable and Wireless (doesn't require PC to use)

Requires FaceBook account to use starting 2023

Great tracking without need for base stations

Lower resolution display (3664x1920px 4K)

Lowest Pricetag: NZ$569

Low FOV (89 degrees)

Lightweight, ergonomic design

1. Pico Neo 3 Pro Eye

pico neo 3 pro virtual reality headsetTaking home the crown for best VR headset for businesses is the Pico Neo 3 Pro Eye. It features a lot of upside with minimal downside, for a reasonable price. Perhaps the most well balanced headset on this list due to its "middle of the pack" placing for price, resolution quality, FOV size and the fact it is wireless, it is an ideal headset for enterprise use. The Pico Neo 3 Pro Eye offers integrated eye tracking for enhanced mechanics and data gathering allowing your business to gain key insights into customer behavior, reduce training time, and to improve safety and productivity.



Designed specifically for business (no account setup required)

Less precise tracking

Portable, Wireless and Standalone (doesn't require PC to use)

Lower resolution display (3664x1920px 4K)

Easy to setup

Lightweight, ergonomic design

Lower Pricetag: NZ$799 (business price)

High FOV (98 degrees)

Prices are normal consumer price unless otherwise stated

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