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Construction site induction

Virtual Reality brought Piritahi's Golden Rules of Construction to life. Cortiical designed, developed and delivered a bespoke 20-minute virtual induction, where participants learn to identify actual and potential hazards, and then take appropriate actions to remove dangers.

Throughout the experience, participants explore Piritahi work sites while the narrator points out dangers like asbestos, live services, drop and exclusion zones, and cars speeding past traffic controllers. Multi-choice questions pop up, prompting participants to stop and reflect on what's going on around them, training them to take the right actions when they come across similar situations in the real world.

Customer: Piritahi

Industry: Civil & Construction

VR: Safety induction training

Height safety

With more than 130 staff throughout New Zealand, the Goleman Group maintains some of New Zealand's tallest buildings such as the Skytower. This demands the highest caliber of training and safety for their rope technicians. Always looking at ways to improve safety and skills of their people, the Goleman Group turned to VR as a new and effective tool to train their people around working at height, without the risks or consequences of real world situations.

Cortiical designed and developed a virtual reality heights training experience that puts employees through a number of heights scenarios. Here they learn and practice critical tasks such as selection of correct equipment, safety procedures and risk assessments inside a safe but fully immersive virtual environment.

Customer: https://goleman.co.nz/

Industry: Height Access & Property Maintenance

VR: Safe working at heights

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