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Immersive solutions are helping companies train their people, develop products, engage with customers and navigate the new working environment post pandemic.

Health & Safety

For decades, organisations have faced a difficult trade-off: How can you adequately prepare people to make good decisions when facing dangerous or extraordinary situations? You can provide simple learning materials like books and classes, but these are likely inadequate preparation for stressful and highly complex situations. Or you can expose your people to those situations in live training, but this can be extremely costly—not to mention hazardous. With VR comes a third, safer and more effective, way.

Soft skills learning

Soft skills characterise how we engage with others, respond to challenges, manage emotions and express empathy. It is often said that hard skills get you hired; soft skills determine your career progression. Soft skills can be the difference between adequate and ideal employees.

Health & wellbeing

Technology can elevate the practice of meditation, mindfulness, yoga and relaxation experiences. Music and videos have proven to be therapeutic and stress-reducing by providing enriched stimuli. Virtual reality only takes it to the next level with the level of immersion it offers, helping you teleport elsewhere blocking out all external stimuli.

Customer experience

Inspiration, engagement, impact – just some of the reasons why the world’s leading brands are creating amazing VR marketing and customer experiences. Marketing strategies come in all shapes and sizes, but most of them have a common thread – the need to grab attention and offer people something that they’ve never seen before. VR is the perfect vehicle for this task.

Sports & fitness

Immersive Learning lets players practice anytime, anywhere, just as if they were on the field, court, slopes or course. To become a truly great athlete in any sport, the key is repetitions, repetitions, repetitions. But factors such as team setup and availability, accessibility of training spaces and even weather, can make it hard to get those reps in.

How we work with you

Cortiical guides you through every step in the journey to immersive VR solutions, from initial strategy to analysis and optimisation.

Educate & inspire

We engage with you and your stakeholders to educate about the power and potential of virtual reality in the workplace. We teach you about the technology, both software and hardware, and there advantages for learning and training. Our experts show you what's possible, so you can see how VR could be used in your organisation.

VR discovery programme

Our VR discovery programme is designed to give your people a chance to experience wearing a VR headset and try virtual training and learning. Understand where and how VR could be implemented in your organisation. Gain insight into the impact and role that virtual training could have in your business.

Fit-for-purpose solutions

After your organisation has experienced virtual reality first-hand through our discovery programme, we help review and analyse the findings with your team's feedback and results. Once your organisation identifies the most impactful use cases for VR, we help establish success metrics and guide you in choosing fit-for-purpose solutions.

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Let us show you what's possible

VR technology can enable more effective learning at a lower cost and in less time than many traditional learning methods. 

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