Customised solutions

We understand that unique businesses and workplace environments require tailored training solutions. To meet your specific requirements, Cortiical offers end-to-end custom Virtual Reality design and development services.

End-to-end solutions

Strategy & planning

We always start with the 'why' to assess your organisation's needs and translate them into learning objectives. We identify the most impactful use cases, establish success metrics and understand your training and learning requirements.

Curriculum design

Immersive content specialists and L&D experts ideate, design, and build a custom curriculum, leveraging the proven advantages of VR training and learning.

Content production

Our talented team begins work on the 3D models, lighting, optimisation, materials and environments. This is the heart of the project and we always keep our clients engaged and updated in this fun content creation process.

Implementation & change management

Our customer success teams drive scalable rollout and support adoption, engagement, and impact of workforce training. We deliver on-site and online personalised training sessions to ensure your people are set up for success.


You will get full technical and product support from our locally-based teams. We deliver ongoing analysis and predictive models for key business insights to ensure a successful project rollout.

Customer support

Cortiical has product specialists and dedicated key account managers 24/7 for rapid troubleshooting, issue resolution, and usage guidance for software and hardware.

Case studies


We create meaningful immersive virtual experiences, tailored to your organisation and learning objectives.