Fitness class inside the metaverse?

Firstly, what is the Metaverse?

The metaverse is defined as a "virtual-reality space in which users can interact with a computer-generated environment and other users."

It is the beginning of a new technological age. People will be able to socialise, exercise and even work together in a virtual world, accessible from anywhere in the world. prnewswire states the size of the metaverse market is forecast to reach a mind boggling $872B USD by 2028 - only 6 years away.

Sports and fitness is one of the industries leading this virtual revolution.

How does fitness come into it all?

Virtual Reality enables the gamification of fitness and thus makes it far more accessible to those who were previously disinterested or unable to workout.

  • Instead of going to a public gym doing a boxing class, you could be getting coached in the ring by Mike Tyson.

  • Instead of going to the golf range to practice your swing, you could be on the PGA tour playing alongside Tiger Woods.

  • Instead of walking on a treadmill watching a TV you could be walking through a 360° simulation of the amazon rainforest.

Within the metaverse, the possibilities are endless.

person boxing in the metaverse with virtual reality headset onBenefits of going fitness going virtual

1. Breaking down barriers and making the "active lifestyle" more accessible

There are many reasons why people prefer to not go to a public gym. It would be they don't have enough time in their day, or maybe they're struggling with an injury. VR allows anybody to get their heartrate up at any time, even if that means a quick 20 minute workout in your lounge after work. It is this convenience that is a leading factor to why virtual workouts are being adopted so quickly.

2. Time Flexibility

Gone are the days of waiting for your Thursday PT session. With Virtual Reality, you can load up a PT session at anytime you like. Motivated in the morning before breakfast? Load it up. Feel like breaking a sweat during your lunch break? Load it up.

3. A range of options

Mixing up your fitness regime can help you stay motivated and interested. Within the metaverse there is a vast range of fitness activities from boxing to cycling, meaning you can literally do whatever you feel like on the day.

4. Improve your physical and mental health

Fitness is not a purely physical thing. Our mental health is just as, if not more important. Meditation is a proven method of reducing stress and fighting issues such as PTSD and depression. VR only enhances the capabilities of the meditation by immersing the user with both visual and auditory stimuli. If you think VR meditation is a waste of time, you should try it, we think you'll be surprised.



New Zealand fitness brand Les Mills is really embracing VR and the wider metaverse as a whole as they are currently implementing new technology into their service offerings for their customers.

“Our mission is to create a fitter planet and we hope the launch of the BODYCOMBAT VR app enables us to reach new audiences and break down barriers to exercise, helping more people to start their fitness journey and reap the rewards of an active lifestyle." - Rachael Newsham, Program Director of LesMills BODYCOMBAT app.

Virtual Reality is redefining the fitness industry and breaking down barriers to motivate the wider population like never before.

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