Why use VR in business?

A new business tool, for a new business world

The work environment is rapidly changing - and the traditional workplace increasingly includes an online 'workspace' as people move between the office, out of the office and home office settings. Organisations need to innovate, adapt and evolve their L&D curriculums to keep pace.

Benefits of VR in organisations

  • Train in zero risk/harm environments

  • Eliminate training injuries & accidents

  • Safely simulate hazardous scenarios

  • Greatly improved knowledge retention

  • Memory recall by kinetic learning

  • User emotionally connected to content

  • Consistent delivery of training

  • Benchmark and compare organisation

  • Repeatable L&D content

  • Engage with remote or shift workers

  • Collaborate & train together virtually

  • Connect national/international workforces

  • Slash travel & trainer costs

  • Increase training efficiencies

  • Reduce material usage & costs

  • Capture & measure training data

  • Analyse & review trainees sessions

  • Spot trends and predict risk

Piritahi story

Innovation in construction

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Set your people up for success

Training and learning delivery methods have evolved over many years from lecture theatres and textbooks to videos and e-learning. Now, we entering the virtual learning period. Never before have we been able to train in realistic virtual scenarios without the risk, cost and time that training in the real world presents. The far majority of us learn best by doing, making mistakes and learning from them, virtual reality matches the innate way we absorb and retain knowledge.

No language barriers

A key advantage and benefit of using virtual reality to learn is the ability to deliver training sessions in multiple languages (text and voice). By giving the trainee the option of learning in their preferred language, we are setting them up for success and ensuring information is being absorbed and retained in the best way possible.

What our clients say

  • "Exciting technology and a powerful learning tool."
    Senior HR Business Partner - DHL Express
  • "VR is going to be a game changer in the construction industry"
    Construction Manager - Piritahi
  • "Fantastic addition to our training curriculum. We've had great engagement and buy-in from our people."
    Manager People Capability - Synlait
  • "On job training with multi-million dollar pieces of machinery is now not our only option. VR has opened up a world of operator training possibilities for us."
    General Manager - Hiway Group
  • "Getting our key safety messages across inside virtual reality is going to be a powerful new tool to use in high risk environments."
    Health & Safety Manager - Winstone Aggregates

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