Analytics & data

Data is everything

Cortiical's analytics platform allows everything within a VR training module to be tracked. All data is centralised via our reporting engine and delivered to either Cortiical's analytics platform or sent via API directly to your organisations existing systems.

Our data-driven insights help companies:

  • Maximise employee performance and improve processes

  • Drive more measurable outcomes

  • Deliver powerful, auditable performance assessments

  • Demonstrate improvements and efficiency gains by tracking every training action and outcome

  • Replace less reliable subjective training evaluations with standardised, data-driven measurements

Dashboard demo

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Cross-platform distribution

We recognise that every company and every use case has different device deployment needs. We support a range of immersive content and devices, including all major headsets from Oculus, Vive and Windows Mixed Reality. We also enable desktop applications and browser-based WebGL, plus mobile applications for smartphones and tablets.